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5-May-2022, at the Grieg Begegnungsstätte, Leipzig: Ricercar performed at XenakisCloud Festival 2022, Electroacoustic music by Iannis Xenakis, Angelo Bello, Knut Müller and others. event "Music Out Of Nothing"."

Interview included in the catalogue for the exposition Révolutions Xenakis, 100th anniversary celebration of Iannis Xenakis' life and work

Ricercar from the Elli Media EP GENDYN Suite performed at the ICMC/NYCEMF 2019  on June 18, 2019.

Article "Notes on Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis and the New GENDYN Program" included in proceedings of ICMC 2019.

GENDYN Suite EP release date Jan. 15, 2019 on Elli Media

Performance of Maya at NYCEMF 2018


UPIC Etudes performed at NYCEMF 2017

Joined Elli Media


GENDYN Etude 4.1 (2015), performed at Festival NEUE MUSIK LÜNEBURG, 2016:

Elektroakustische Musik aus New York City, Freitag, 14.10.2016

Sounds, Images and Data (SID) 2015 conference at NYU; presented "Mining the New GENDYN Program - Tilling Among Fields of Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis"



Circuit Bridges at Gallery MC: GENDYN Cluster Study no. 4

UPIC Etude No. 4 included in the Radio France documentary program Geste (4/4) Le geste du compositeur program

3-April-2012 - Maya programmed in Mardi Xenakis at the Université de Rouen, a concert of works created exclusively with the UPIC system

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